Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Big Project Idea

In year 6/7 at my Steiner school, we are given an open research project to work on all year. I have chosen to research weaving, so I can make cloth using my handspun yarn, then design and sew a garment with my cloth. 
- You can read more about it above in the About the Big Project page

My idea is to create cloth from "Fibre to Fashion", beginning with visiting the fibre animals, dyeing the fleeces, spinning some handspun yarn, finding pretty yarn on cones to match my colours, getting a loom, weaving the cloth, designing the garment, and finally sewing it all together.

I have a lot to do to create this cloth and I can't wait to begin!

Mum is helping to mentor me with the dyeing and spinning.
- my first task is to find a mentor for weaving and garment design.
- Next, write a letter to see if I can find sponsors for my loom.
- then, Start with the fleece.

 Here is a pic of my pompom yarn. Mum took photos and a video of how i made this. I need to ask dad to show me how to edit a video too!
- Arli Spinstar ;-)

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