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Hi, I'm Arli, or Spinstar! One of the things I like to do is spin yarn. My mum, also known as Wooldancer, is a talented fibre artist and her influence is around our home.

 I learned to spin using a drop spindle when I was 5. I have been dyeing yarn & fibre with food-colouring & playing in mum's studio every school holiday since then. I learned to spin on a spinning wheel when I was 8. It's fun! 

I went along to Camp Pluckyfluff Sydney in 2011. Lexi put my mum's yarn in her book, and it was fun to meet & spin with her after reading about her fun yarn!

I have been going with Wooldancer & her stall to some big wool shows in Canberra and Bendigo since 2010. I demonstrate spinning yarn to people passing by our stall. I love how people are really interested to see that I am so young and yet I can make my own yarn.
 I find it really beautiful to take fleece from a sheep, wash it, clean it up, dye it pretty colours, spin it, and then make a soft scarf. 

 Last year I won a Highly Commended Award for my novelty handspun yarn in the Woolcraft competition at the Australian Wool Show. Here is Dot, Woolcraft's President, handing me a special prize!
You can see photos of my handspun yarn on Ravelry. I am working on hosting my photos on the web so everyone can see them.

 I love spinning on my Majacraft Art Pioneer wheel that Wooldancer and Andy worked on together. I have that wheel now, and I loved showing Glynis Poad from Majacraft how I spin!

Last year at the 2012 Australian Wool Show, Kaz from CuriousWeaver kindly showed me weave on her SAORI looms. I loved it! 
This summer holiday, my family went to visit her studio and on the trip home I knew that weaving with my handspun yarn would be my 'Big' project.

Thanks for reading about me!
-Arli Spinstar ;-)

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