About the Big Project

At my Steiner school in Australia, my class 6/7 have been given a 'big' year-long project. The subject is free choice, chosen by each student. This subject is to be studied in our own time throughout 2013, along with regular guidance of our class teacher, and with support of a Mentor. The research and finished projects are to be presented to our class, parents and mentors at the end of the school year.

I have chosen to create cloth from fibre to fashion. My aim is to learn every skill involved in creating handwoven cloth, from handspinning feature yarns, to designing and sewing a garment with my cloth. 

The garment I make will be my finished piece, along with this blog, and my journal of samples. I also love photography, and will present a slideshow of my process from beginning to end.

- Arliah Snowdon Varnel, year 6, 2013

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